Wall of Many

If you would like to support our protests with donations, please do so here!

If you want to protest but can't get to DC, do not wait for a big march to be announced. Get a few friends together, and peacefully protest at a local extremist church or fake abortion clinic. Commit civil disobedience. Be ungovernable.

Send photos & video to Ruth Sent Us to publicize!

We are a diverse group of accomplices in the struggles of our Black and Indigenous siblings. We are currently engaged in the battle of the people against a racist and misogynistic theocracy - our Supreme Court. Our focus is protests at extremist churches, the Justices' homes, and complicit Democrats like Schumer, Pelosi, Durbin and Nadler.

May 2, 2022: The Supreme Court had an unprecedented leak of its intention to overturn Roe v Wade, eliminating abortion rights established over 49 years ago. Regular peaceful protests at the six fundamentalist Justices' homes started the week of the leak, and are sustained and growing. Use #SCOTUS6 and #RuthSentUs to find protestors across social media platforms.

June 24, 2022: The Supreme Court used the Dobbs case out of Mississippi to reverse Roe v Wade. Mississippi is the "blackest" state in America, with nearly 40% of its population identifying as Black. Protests continue.


Meet 6:30pm, March/Carpool 7pm

Wed: Brookville Market, Chevy Chase, MD

Thu: Lemon Rd School, Falls Church, VA

Fri: CVS Burke Centre Pkwy, Burke, VA

Sat: Walgreens Fort Hunt, Alexandria, VA

Text (413) 367 7884 to locate the group if you arrive late.

We're seeking protestors to join actions where the Justices are "summering". See graphic.

Download free posters and print quickly at a local Walgreens (use coupons), attach to foam board using Modge Podge.

If you are not in the DC metro area, please DONATE or protest at an extremist church or fake abortion clinic and send pics and video to Ruth Sent Us to publicize.